PC Speed Doctor

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My Porn Blocker

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Happy Healthy Computers
Keeping Your Computer safe (free of viruses, hacking, etc)

There was a time when computers were huge banks of towers taking up an entire floor of an office building. Now all of that power has been reduced to something you can hold in your hand. If you were to buy a new computer, turn it on and never sign onto the internet, chances are it would run brilliantly. But that’s obviously not realistic. To have a computer is to be on the net and to be on the net means you increase your chances of picking up a nasty virus. Fortunately for the computer user, there have been many safeguards developed to insure you have a happy, healthy computer.

Think of picking up a computer virus the same way you would catch a cold. If you come in contact with a sick person and don’t take the precautions of washing your hands you might get sick. When you click onto a new website, you’re not always sure where you’re heading or who has been there before you. Malicious hackers can plant malware programs that will attach themselves to your computer. These types of viruses are put in place to track your movements and target you for spam. If you wonder how some spammers find you on the net, it’s through malware viruses.

There are other types of viruses that like Trojan Horses or worms that plant themselves on your hard drive and wait for further instructions. These can be activated by a hacker and force your computer to provide information or use it for nefarious purposes.

If all of this sounds scary, relax. As mentioned, there are plenty of safe and secure programs you can add to your system that will prevent these types of attacks. A solid firewall acts as a barrier preventing malwares and other viruses from seeping into your system. Other programs conduct scans of your computer and identify programs and viruses that can be quarantined and deleted from your system. You should approach keeping your computer safe in the same way you keep your home safe: your lock your doors. That’s what computer anti-viral programs are all about.


My Computer Repair Manual

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Fix Browser ReDirect

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Ultimate Laptop Repair Videos Collection in HD!

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